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Clearwater Mortgage is a family-owned and operated business run by Sandy Chinchar and her son, Jesse. Not only does the Chinchar family love to help borrowers. We're also very active in the community. We're proud of all of our accomplishments.

More About Jesse Chinchar

Besides being our Director of Promotion and head of Community Outreach at Clearwater Mortgage, "Coach Jesse" Chinchar is the head coach at Clearwater Academy. 

Let's see where it all started . . .

Clearwater Academy International football journey began way back in 2008. Their six-man football team was excited to join FCAPPS and be part of the exciting sport of football.  Since 2008, football games have become an exciting event and something to look forward to.

International News

Currently, Clearwater Academy's football team is international news and has over 200 visits from top coaches of division one colleges. They want to recruit our players! That amount of attention is unthinkable for a school this size. For 2019 there were 236 coach visits and 46 in December 2019. 


From left to right in the picture above:

  • Jesse Chinchar - Head Coach Clearwater Knights
  • Ajou Ajou - Knights player and recruit
  • Dabo Swinney - Head Coach Clemson University
  • David Feldman - Assistant Coach Clearwater Knights

Here's Ajou Ajou and Coach Jesse

Clearwater Knights Latest News

We'll be posting what's happening, so make sure you come back often and see our updates.